About us

Propertize is the underwriting and asset management platform for the Benelux of Lone Star Funds, a leading global private equity firm. In the current market, success is contingent upon being flexible, alert and decisive. Propertize has extensive expertise in the property and financial markets and a proven track record. And thanks to our wide-ranging real estate knowledge, we are able to employ a detailed and accurate underwriting methodology and so deliver optimal value recognition with new opportunities.

Valuable partner

The sourcing of new investment opportunities for Lone Star Funds is a pivotal strategic objective. With Lone Star Funds as our strong and experienced sponsor, we have access to a large pool of long-term stable capital from pension and endowment funds and the ability and experience to execute balance sheet-transforming trades within agreed timelines.

Propertize is a fully integrated platform positioned to recognize and unlock opportunities. We have a proven track record of working with governments, regulatory bodies, rating agencies, banks and trade bodies, and are known for sending a positive message to the financial community. We are also experienced in implementing capital intensive turnaround strategies ranging from “clean break” strategies to operational and/or financial partnerships to share costs and upside post-closings.

Investment scope

The funds invest in properties with deviating risk perceptions and
(re)development, refurbishment and land. The asset classes that
we invest in cover offices, residential, retail, industrial and
logistics, hotels and leisure, healthcare, and senior living and
student living.

Our integrated real estate capabilities combined with adequate capital and structuring possibilities make Propertize a valued partner for all your transaction processes.

Please feel free to contact our team to discuss what we can do for you.